Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year, New Work

Happy New year, I've been busy organising the art works I made in the latter part of last year.
I have a selection for sale, come over and take a look.

It's not long until Valentines day - grab a unique gift for the love of your life, or commission a pencil portrait for just £45.


Saturday, 5 October 2013


I'm off to China next year to join a short term team with International China Concern. I'm in the process of fundraising to fund this. On the 30th of October I will be undertaking a 24hr paintathon. where I will make art for 24 hours solid. I did this several years ago and it is no mean feat, particularly at 3 in the Morning.

So from 9am on the 30th to 9am on the 31st I'll be painting, drawing, printmaking and offering those who visit a chance to see art in action and perhaps make their own unique piece of art!

This will be a sponsored event, and i'll be selling the work produced, also to raise funds for the trip. I'd love it if you could consider partnering with me or would like to come and see what I do. Please contact me by email if you'd like to do this.

I'm also taking commissions for portraits and a special rate of £40 or an original graphite drawing, so if you're after a special gift for someone this could be your opportunity!

Sunday, 28 April 2013


Welcome to Three Cords Design. This is my new venture where I will share work for sale.

I'm an artist, designer, refashioner, who enjoys creating unique pieces that have a story to tell. I sell my work via Folksy and Etsy (links in the side bar) and can be commissioned for custom made and bespoke work.

My passion is vintage inspired dresses that have been re-purposed and given a new lease of life to make them beautiful again.

To begin with I'd like to share the story of a 1970's wedding dress that has been turned into a 50's inspired dress. The original dress was lace over a rather fetching nylon lining, several sections were badly stained and discoloured.

These were removed and the dress re-cut into a tea length style. The under dress is made from another reclaimed cream wedding dress, as much material as possible has been re-purposed, but the trim in new as the original was beyond salvage.