Sunday, 28 April 2013


Welcome to Three Cords Design. This is my new venture where I will share work for sale.

I'm an artist, designer, refashioner, who enjoys creating unique pieces that have a story to tell. I sell my work via Folksy and Etsy (links in the side bar) and can be commissioned for custom made and bespoke work.

My passion is vintage inspired dresses that have been re-purposed and given a new lease of life to make them beautiful again.

To begin with I'd like to share the story of a 1970's wedding dress that has been turned into a 50's inspired dress. The original dress was lace over a rather fetching nylon lining, several sections were badly stained and discoloured.

These were removed and the dress re-cut into a tea length style. The under dress is made from another reclaimed cream wedding dress, as much material as possible has been re-purposed, but the trim in new as the original was beyond salvage.